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Who we are how we operate?

Who we are and what distinguishes us?

We are perfectly aware that each company is unique and has individually worked out rules of employing employees. That’s why for every company we work with, we create a tailor-made offer to fully meet its staffing needs.

Each employee with individual potential is also unique. We know this and therefore, before submitting a job offer with the help of our experience and intuition, together with the candidate, we define his individual career path.

Our standards


Our team consists of people with competencies and skills necessary for effective work with people.

Specialist knowledge

We are constantly updating our knowledge in the field of labor law and participate in specialized training.

Full commitment

The customer is highly important to us and we will do everything to meet the expectations – that is why we provide services at the highest level.

Individual approach

We are aware that each company has its own unique rules for hiring employees. We adapt to this by presenting an offer “made-to-measure”.

Fast and efficient operation

We operate outside the box. Thanks to this, we can quickly meet the requirements of our customers.

We specialize in...

Employment of a foreigner is associated with high responsibility. Among other things, we provide the documents translated into the language you understand, obtain legally required documents that legalize his work, provide the employee with a legal stay, often plan long absences from work, take care of his accommodation and commute to work. We support our clients in these and many similar areas. Thanks to our service, Polish companies can use the work of foreigners without being responsible for their employment.

Temporary job

the so-called. employee leasing, i.e. providing employees with us employees to perform tasks with our clients, under their supervision.

Legalization of stay

We plan periods of staying of our clients’ employees in Poland. We obtain the documents necessary to obtain a visa, and we also supervise the entire process of obtaining a residence card.

Work outsourcing

Provided in the event that the work of the people we provide is also supervised by our employees. The contract consists in performing a specific service and not providing an employee.

Personnel outsourcing

We run personnel files of employees directly employed by our clients. We generate contracts, leave requests, legalize and document the work and stay of foreigners.

Legalization of work

We choose the optimal way to legalize the work and organize the necessary documents for a foreigner employed directly with our client.

Rental of apartments for employees

Contact us if you are looking for accommodation for your employee. We have the opportunity to provide comfortable housing conditions for hundreds of people in many different locations.

What are the benefits of working with us?


We recruit, provide accommodation and commuting to employees, settle their wages, calculate and pay ZUS and PIT contributions, we conclude contracts with them. In addition, our employees are under our constant care – we help them solve any problems they may encounter while staying in Poland.


It is our responsibility and responsibility to legally employ an employee. We generate and archive documents related to employment. All inspections from labor inspection, border guards, social security and the US are carried out with us and concern us.


All you need is a call to us with a request for payment, and our recruiters will get the right employees immediately. And when the employee is no longer needed? All you need to do is inform us, we will take care of the rest and the employer will not bear the cost of employment from the next day.


Temporary work gives the opportunity to adjust the level of employment to the current needs of the company – no need to maintain employment in the period of production decline, as well as resignation from more orders due to lack of employees.


As part of our remuneration, we bear the costs of recruiting employees, legalizing their stay and work, as well as costs related to servicing an employed employee. Thanks to the scale effect, we can do it cheaper. The employer does not need to burden the additional duties of its own administration employees.


We enable the employment of workers from the east – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia, as well as from distant Asian countries – the Philippines, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In addition, you can always hire a temporary employee directly at your company, at no extra charge.

Tailored job offers

We work only with proven, solvent companies with which we often have long-term cooperation. By deciding to employ in our employment agency, the employee is certain to pay remuneration on time and work in decent conditions.

Our employees, often after a period of temporary work, find employment directly with the employer to whom they were directed.

Before hiring, we interview the employee and offer him a job that suits his needs.

Develop your career

Job offers that give you the possibility of personal development when you want to acquire new skills

Work for families

Job offers for people who care about working in one place with a partner or children

Work for a short period

Job offers that give you the opportunity to earn a large amount of money in a short period of time

Our team ... Ambitious and professional

Ann Seno

specjalista ds. rekrutacji

Empatia, życzliwość i cierpliwość 🙂 to moje najważniejsze cechy.
Rekrutuję, doradzam i opiekuje się pracownikami z Filipin pracującymi w naszej firmie. Dbam aby każdy znalazł dla siebie godną i odpowiednią pracę.
Współpraca z wami to dla mnie przyjemność!

Tel +48 530 005 557
Email: ann@ap-1.pl
+48 530 005 557

Klaudia Wachowiak

specjalista ds. sprzedaży

Uśmiech i pozytywne podejście do każdej sprawy to maja wizytówka!
Umiejętnie rozpoznaję potrzeby naszych klientów i proponuję rozwiązania szyte na miarę każdej potrzeby. Skontaktuj się ze mną i przekonaj się co możemy dla Ciebie zrobić!

Tel +48 790 700 230
Email: klaudia@ap-1.pl
+48 790 700 230

Arkadiusz Jankowski


Mam zawsze mnóstwo pracy i zawsze dla każdego znajdę czas!
Dbam o dobrą atmosferę i sprawny przebieg procesów w naszej firmie. Dla mnie nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych!

Tel +48 515 607 428
Email: arkadiusz@ap-1.pl
+48 515 607 428

Olga Rozmiarek

specjalista ds. kadr

Jestem dokładna i skrupulatna.
Tonę w papierach i dbam o prawidłowe zatrudnienie naszych pracowników.
Działam szybko i zawsze na czas!

Tel +48 793 530 595
Email: olga@ap-1.pl
+48 793 530 595