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We work only with trusted, solvent companies with whom we often have many years of cooperation. Deciding to get a job in our employment agency, the employee obtains the certainty of payment of remuneration on time and work in decent conditions.

Our employees often find employment directly with the employer to whom they were referred after a period of temporary work.

Before employment, we interview the employees and offer them a job that meets their requirements. Depending on the preferences of our employees, we can offer a job:

  • giving the opportunity for personal development – when an employee wants to acquire new skills
  • for a short period – when the employee wants to earn as much as possible in a short period of time
  • for families – when employees want to work together with partners or children
  • with learning Polish – when an employee wants to learn how to use Polish in practice

In addition, we always organize accommodation close to the workplace and safety transportation for our employees.

Temporary work involves delegating an employee to another employer – the so-called user employer.

The employment agency remains the temporary employer – signs a contract with the employee, legalizes stay and work, and pays his/her salary.

The employer sets the tasks for the employee, maintains his/her attendance list and supervises his/her work.

Temporary work lasts up to 1.5 years. After this period, the employee is usually employed directly by the employer.

We understand that providing an employee with an appropriate apartment is just as important as offering a good job. The apartment should be located near the workplace and provide employees with decent conditions for recreation.

Since we also know how difficult it is to find suitable accommodation for our employees, we always provide an apartment located near the workplace.

We often send pictures of flats to our job candidates before they start work.

Both a foreigner and an employer who currently employs employees are responsible for their legal residence in Poland. Unfortunately, Polish laws are complicated, and procedures at certain regional institutions may not be clear. That is why we provide a service for the foreigners to legalize their residency in Poland based on the employment in different companies.

We also support individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities in Poland in the field of obtaining permission for temporary residence.

As part of our work, depending on the needs, we help foreigners to collect all necessary documents to obtain residency in Poland. In addition, during the entire period from submitting the application to receiving the residence card, we check the current status of the case and, if necessary, supply additional documents required by the regional office.

In the case of temporary work, AP-1 legalizes the work of all its employees. In addition, we also provide legalization services for employees working in other companies.

Polish law allows many ways of legal employment of a foreigner that are often not fully understood by other employers. For this reason, we also support employees employed in other companies in obtaining appropriate documents that legalize their work.

As part of our work, we analyze the needs of the employee and employer, and then based on the power of attorney we submit applications for processing the relevant documents.

Frequently asked question

Working in AP-1

Is the work legal?

Of course yes. We provide all our employees with the documents necessary for legal work.

Do we have to pay for job offers?

No. We do not charge any fees for getting started.

Can I come with my family?

Yes. We have jobs for families, jobs where both women and men can work. We also help you to find the right accommodation for you and your family.

Does the employer provide work clothes?

Yes, it is the employer’s responsibility.

If an employee quits his job, can the employer offer another job?

Yes, we have many job offers. If one job does not meet your expectations, we can offer another job.

Can an employee go to the hospital during work?

Yes, employees are insured during their employment and in the case of illness, they can go to a doctor for free or in the case of an accident they will be delivered to the hospital.

How is the salary paid?

Transfer to a bank account, it is also possible to collect cash, depending on the employee’s preferences.

How and where can an employee buy a SIM card and top up mobile account?

SIM cards are sold in many outlets – kiosks, shops, and post office. To get a SIM card, you must have a passport.

Legalization of residence in Poland

How long can I work in Poland?

There are no time limits. A foreigner can work in Poland as long as his/her residency allows.

How long can I stay in Poland?

There are many options for legalizing your stay in Poland. Residence permit is the most common option. Everyone who has a job and a place of residence in Poland can obtain it. The stay is granted for a limited period, but before its expiry, you can submit subsequent documents and receive a permit for a further longer residency.

Does the employer issue a residence card for the employee?

Yes, if the employee intends to stay in Poland for a longer time.

What documents are needed to obtain a visa?

There are many types of visa. We can choose between a working and a tourist one issued for training or study. A work visa is issued on the basis of an application for a job assignment (annual visas), seasonal work permit (for up to 9 months) and type A work permit (so-called regional work permit for 12 months).

Does the employer make and send invitations for a visa?

We prepare relevant documents for our job candidates and then send them to their country to obtain a visa.

Can an employee stay in Poland on a visa-free regime after his/her visa runs out and can the employee work legally at that time?

Citizens of countries with which Poland has entered into a visa-free entry agreement, holding a biometric passport, can stay legally in Poland for 90 days after the visa has run out. There is no need for them to cross the border again or obtain any certificates. During this period, you can work legally, based on relevant documents.

How long can an employee stay in Poland on visa-free regime?

Under the visa-free regime, you can stay in Poland for 90 days during the last 180 days.

On what basis can an employee work if he is in Poland on a visa-free regime?

There are four main work permits: a work assignment application (up to 6 months), seasonal work permit (up to 9 months), type A work permit (up to 12 months) and a uniform temporary residence and work permit (up to 3 years). They are issued for the time declared by the employer; the period of legal stay of the foreigner does not affect the date.

Is knowledge of the Polish language required?

No. We also offer work for people who do not speak Polish.

Does the employer help to take the employees from the station after their arrival in Poland?

We help to get from the station to our office or to the apartment.


Czy pracodawca zapewnia pracownikom mieszkanie?

Tak, oferując pracę zawsze pomagamy w zakwaterowaniu. Pracownik może wybrać czy chce mieszkać w naszym mieszkaniu, czy wynająć je samodzielnie.

Jakie są warunki mieszkaniowe?

Zdajemy sobie sprawę, że dobre warunki mieszkalne są tak samo ważne jak dobra praca. Dlatego dokładamy wszelkich starań by zapewnić pracownikom jak najlepsze warunki w rozsądnej cenie. Przeważnie udostępniamy pokoje 3 i 4 osobowe.

Czy pracodawca zapewnia dojazd do pracy?

Oferując pracę zawsze ustalamy jak najlepszy dojazd z mieszkania do pracy. W zależności od lokalizacji pracownicy dojeżdżają samochodami pracodawcy lub komunikacją miejską. Zdarza się również, że mieszkania znajdują się zaraz obok miejsca pracy.

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