Employment Agency AP-1

Who are we, what are we best in?

We specialize in providing employees, mainly foreigners as part of temporary work. We also support our clients in the legalization of work and stay of foreigners employed by them. We also provide employee outsourcing services.

Our team consists of employees specialized in specific tasks, possessing extensive knowledge and experience. We analyze frequently changing legal regulations on a regular basis, thanks to which we can provide professional advice to your company.

You can find more about our company and team of people employed in the menu about us.

More about us

What makes us different?

We establish long-term cooperation with each client. Therefore, with full commitment we provide services at the highest level.

We do everything to provide our customers with the maximum satisfaction that is most important to us.

We are not a corporation.

We make all decisions quickly and efficiently implement new solutions.

There is nothing impossible for us

We carry out the most demanding tasks set for us by our clients with great commitment.

Full service

We deeply analyze the needs of our clients, we advise and help to solve all problems related to the employment of employees.

``Tailor-made`` offer

Each company is unique and often requires custom solutions. We are aware of this and we adapt our offer to individual requirements.

We invite you to the employer and employee zone, where you will find more information about what we can help you with.

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